Message from the President


AUSCHAM has been established as a point of contact and institutional platform for Australian companies with commercial and investment relationships with Argentina. Having regard to the similarities that exist between the Australian and Argentine economies, there are undoubtedly many opportunities for synergies for bilateral investment between our countries.

Located in the southern hemisphere, with small populations relative to their large land masses, an abundance of natural resources, and highly educated and trained workforces, there are far more similarities than differences between the two economies.

The similarities also go well beyond economic factors as well: culturally, there are many parallels which can be drawn. Both had substantial migration – from all corners of the globe – in the last century. Argentina and Australia both have a strong historical connection to the countryside. We share a common love for similar sports, cultural trends and the protection of human rights.

At AUSCHAM, we aim to make it easier for businesses from one country to do business in or with the other. Through this platform, AUSCHAM hopes that Australian and Argentine businesses have the support network they need, as well as institutional representation for the Australian private sector with interests in Argentina.


AusCham President





Bouchard 680, piso 12
C1106ABJ. Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
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